Understanding addiction is very crucial to maintaining a healthy body as it is something that is capable of causing the maximum amount of damage to one’s body. The reason for that is the fact that addictions, when not treated are never-ending and the damage caused by them is always progressive. This means that the longer we ignore the damage they are causing the worse our body’s condition will get over the time and we will be more and more incapable of reversing the negative effects it causes. Fortunately for us, there are proper treatments available for all kinds of addictions and one only has to be willing enough to get the support they need to recover from their addiction. The types of addictions are also quite varied and each has its own set of negative impacts. Understanding them individually and seeing the possibilities in terms of both the damage they cause and the solutions that are offered can help us in fighting them better. In addition to that, having proper knowledge can also help us in forming strategies that can help us in making sure that we completely prevent the onslaught of these addictions in the future generations. Read on to find out more about the different addictions that we are facing currently.


The number of people around the world who smoke is quite huge and one can get the idea of how widespread this problem is by the fact that tobacco is a multibillion dollar industry. Even in the countries where the economies are damaged and the countries are poverty stricken, the number of people who are addicted to smoking forms a ratio that is no less than that of a properly developed country. The underlying reason for smoking can be extremely varied and each person has their own reason to smoke. In the developed countries, it is mostly out of peer pressure that teenagers start smoking and then get addicted to it over a period of time. The difference however is in the fact that underdeveloped countries do not have proper methods for treating smoking addiction and there is a need for an international strategy to make sure that the treatment can be availed by everyone around the world.


Addictions The problems that are caused by alcohol are no secret and the extent of damage that it is causing to most of its users is quite alarming. Given the fact that alcohol consumption can lead to a very strong addiction and treating such a condition is not exactly easy, it usually results in many alcoholics, those that become dependent on alcohol having their bodies damaged due to alcohol addiction. The problems that it causes are quite serious and among these problems, the biggest is the damage that alcohol causes to the liver. It must be understood that the liver is one of the most important parts of our body and having a properly functioning liver is crucial to preventing the onslaught of several other diseases too. The extent of damage is also found to go as far as the heart and the brain in some cases and this means that there is a need to take immediate steps to minimize addiction of alcohol in the society.


Addictions DrugsDrug addiction is perhaps the worst addiction of all and the problems that it causes are quite terrifying. Most people who get addicted to drugs are either those who have a stressful life and no moral support or those who get into creative drug usage and then become addicted to even more. With drugs like heroin and cocaine being produced in thousands of tones every year, there is a huge black economy running behind it and the diseases that it leads to are also very alarming. With people contracting problems as serious as HIV through the use of intravenous drugs, there is an immediate need to take extreme measures to not only reverse the spreading of drugs but also provide proper treatment to those who are already addicted.


It is no surprise that people nowadays are increasingly becoming addicted to food. The reasons for the development of this addiction are extremely varied and they are both societal and medical in nature. Researchers have shown that each person has their own specific reason for falling into food addiction and that means individual care needs to be provided to these people so that they can be helped with this addiction. While the damage of food addiction is not as serious as that of other forms of addiction, having it in the long term is still just as damaging with the onslaught of problems like heart failure and other serious problems.

Gambling and stress

One particular addiction that eludes the scientists is that of gambling and so far the direct link that has been found with gambling for all addicts is that of stress. However, saying that stress causes an addiction to gambling would not be very accurate. The truth is that the whole thing runs in a circle of vice versa and the one thing that has been concluded as a common denominator for all gambling addicts is greed, not exactly something that can be measured scientifically. The most appropriate measure of treatment that can be provided to gambling addicts is moral support and supervision in finances and in addition to that, solving the problems that are causing them to feel stressful.

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