Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicineThe world of medicine is extremely fascinating and taking a deep look into the achievements that we have made over the years makes us realise how far we have come. However, this fast growth is actually quite necessary to keep up with the way new diseases are spreading around us and only a non-stop effort can make sure we are not overtaken at any point. While all this and the countless technological advancements in medicine may be something that would keep us fascinated for a long time, we also need to be reminded that there is nothing more powerful than the nature itself. In the recent years, experts in the field of medicine have started to delve into something that has been around for a much longer time than modern medicine and it is the field of alternative medicine. Using formulae derived from nature and using them to cure problems that we thought were otherwise untreatable is a big marvel in itself. Finding out about the developments in this field and using it to our advantage is something that we should really be keen about and to help you with that we are sharing some of the latest developments in the field of alternative medicine so keep reading to find out more.

Green tea may protect from supplement toxicity

The use of supplements made from the extract of green tea have become extremely popular in recent days and while it may be a natural way of losing weight the researchers are quite concerned about its impact on the liver. In a recent study it was found that the people who used these supplements were taking the level of toxicity to in the liver to very high levels that could result in serious damage. However, another study has also been conducted that was focused on finding the impact of using green tea prior to taking the supplements and the impact it could have on the situation. Surprisingly enough, the people who took green tea showed highly reduced levels of toxicity as compared to those who did not. The test was initially conducted on mice and results showed an amazing 75% reduction in the toxicity level. However, the researchers also went on to say that the use of supplements was not exactly a good idea to begin with and those who consumed only green tea instead of supplements could also gain the same benefits without providing any toxicity to the liver at all. The supplements are said to contain the same effect that one would have if they drink up to 20 cups of green tea in a day which is impossible. This gives a clear indication as to how using the supplements would develop the toxicity.

Treating oral cancer with green tea

The benefits of using green tea are simply mind boggling and the more research that is being done on this topic the more potential is being unlocked. In a recent study, scientists have found that green tea has a particular compound in it that can actually lead to the removal of oral cancer completely. This compound named epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG is basically able to damage the mitochondria of the cells and that triggers a complete cycle that eventually leads to the death of cancer cells. The researchers said that the traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy generally targeted all fast growing cells and that led to several side effects. With this new breakthrough, it is possible to treat cancer without having any side effects whatsoever.

Hospital-based exercise programs for arthritis patients

Hospital exerciseIn a recent study, scientists have found evidence that involving patients of arthritis in exercise programs that are based in the hospital can have a really good impact on their overall physical condition. The study was conducted by Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and the results of the study were quite amazing. A huge number of patients that were a part of the program not only showed improvements in their physical condition, they also showed a noticeable amount of flexibility while performing routine tasks. The medical tests that were taken after the exercise also showed clear signs of improvement in their musculoskeletal health and it was concluded that these practices were having a very positive impact on the patients. The researchers highly recommended that hospitals develop such programs to facilitate the patients in improving their conditions and also said that HSS will continue to provide this service to all its patients in the future.

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