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Curing Cancer With Grapheme & Why Cola Can Increase Cancer Risk?

Lab StaffThe world of medicine has been seeing some of the most amazing advancements in the recent years and one field that has always had the most attention when it comes to curing diseases is cancer. The research for cancer is an on going effort that is being carried out by multiple institutes around the world, each one trying to find newer and more advanced and effective ways of treatment. The end result is a whole stream of researchers that are thinking in every possible direction to combat the different types of cancer that we have discovered over the years. However, the thing that is really important for us is to know what these researchers have been up to and what are the latest findings regarding cancer so that we may be more aware about the possibilities. To help you with that, we will share some of the most important cancer related news here so that you can be well informed about the top stories in the fight against cancer.

Curing cancer with graphene

The technological advancements that cancer research has brought to us are simply amazing and in a recent study, scientists have taken a rather huge leap by researching the possibilities of effective cure techniques using nanotechnology. Graphene, which is a nanomaterial made out of ultrathin carbon flakes that have a thickness of just one atom, it seems as the latest weapon against removing cancer cells from the body. The traditional method of treatment for cancer  which is chemotherapy was able to wipe out nearly all the cancer cells from the body but what it wasn’t able to do was remove the cancer stem cells completely which are the root of the production of different cancer cells in the body. With graphene it seems that the scientists have finally found a way in as this thin layer can block the stem cells from reproduction by attaching itself to their cell membrane. The results were quite amazing but the scientists say there is a lot of work to be done before graphene can be used in actual clinical trials.

Gene key in pancreatic cancer identified

Pancreatic cancer is probably the ugliest of all types of cancer and it can have a drastically negative impact on the patient. While doctors have been treating it just like other types of cancer, removing it completely hasn’t really been possible due to the lack of knowledge about its root and spreading mechanism. However, in a recent publication of a study in the Nature Communications, it has been reported that the gene that is directly related to the spreading of pancreatic cancer has finally been identified. The gene in question here is the protein kinase D1 (PKD1) and it has been found that this gene helps in both the development and the spreading of pancreatic cancer in the body. Equipped with this new knowledge, the scientists are quite positive about finally being able to work on a way to eradicate this problem completely. To provide further help with the study of this new development, a 3D computer model has also been created that shows the virtual development of the whole problem. Equipped with this knowledge, the scientists are quite positive that they can now derive a solution that can either block or treat the development of cancer.

Increased cancer risk from daily cola consumption

Cola drinkThe consumption of cola is something that has been spreading an air of panic in the medical circles for a very long time now and the negative impacts that it has on health are no secret. We are quite familiar with the direct relationship that consuming cola has with the onslaught of obesity and several other serious problems as well. However, in a recent study conducted in the United States, solid evidence has been revealed that shows how the consumption of cola can also lead to an increase risk of cancer. The study showed that drinks that involved the use of caramel colouring in their manufacturing led to the production of a carcinogen termed 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) and consuming drinks that involve the use of caramel colouring like cola can lead to the production of 4-MEI to a level that can potentially cause cancer. More than 110 brands were tested and it was also mentioned that consuming these drinks can take the exposure to 4-MEI to an amount greater than 29 mcg, the point above which the onslaught of cancer is triggered for every 1 in 100,000 people.

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