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Men’s Health IQ & Medical Risks

Man with DoctorThe health concerns that are related to men are given a lot of attention and it does not in any way mean that women are being looked into less than men for finding potential problems and solving them. However, since we are talking about men, it is important to understand that men work in a specific manner that has always been there and since there are clear physical and mental differences in men and women, understanding them also requires a different approach. The scientists have been busy studying the evolution of human males for a long time now and in that process they have also been discovering all the present and potential health related issues in men. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman because in one way or another, it is important for you to understand the biological discoveries being made in the study of men. Knowing what the recent studies have been discovering in this area can be of great importance to you and to help you with that, we will be sharing some of the most recent and important medical developments in the field. Keep reading to find out more about these developments.

Lower IQ and its relationship with drinking problems

Over the years, countless studies have been conducted to find a link between the level of intelligence in a person and its direct impact on the way they take care of their health. They all came up with the same result and that is that the IQ level of a person didn’t have any relationship with him or her making bad health decisions. However, one of the most harmful things to the body, drinking has been researched in relation with the IQ levels in men recently and the results have been quite alarming. The research showed that the lower IQ levels caused adult young men to be more and more attracted to drinking. Several factors were kept in consideration while conducting the study including their backgrounds and other mental and physical factors as well and in most cases, the subjects with low levels of IQ showed a much greater attraction to alcohol as compared to those with higher IQs. What’s the most alarming thing though is that these bad choices are also often followed by more extreme choices in later years of life including suicide.

Smoking, loss of Y chromosome and cancer

SmokingWe are all very familiar with how smoking can lead to an onslaught of cancer and the damage is not limited to just the lungs in a lot of cases. However, in a new study, the researchers have gone towards the root of the problem and have identified something that they already discovered from another angle. The study discovered that smoking also led to a loss of Y chromosomes in men and several earlier studies have already shown how Y chromosome loss is directly linked to the formation of cancer. Another study also showed that as compared to female smokers, it was a much more probable thing in men to develop cancer in places other than their respiratory tract. However, the good news is that the loss is only shown in people who are currently smoking. Even the men who used to smoke heavily but had quit showed the same number of Y chromosomes as those in men who never smoked at all. This means the process of damage is also reversible which very encouraging news for those who are planning to quit.

Pollution and increased suicide risk

In a recent study, there has been a new discovery that has directly linked the increase in the amount of pollution to the chances of suicide. With thousands of people committing suicide every year in the USA alone (40,000), this recent study conducted at the University of Utah has brought forward a major source of concern for everyone. The biggest thing that the study revealed however was that most of the people who committed suicide were actually men and that they had a much higher risk of committing suicide due to pollution as compared to women. However, the research did clearly identify that the increase in the level of risk was not entirely based on short term exposure to pollution but was actually long term and was usually complemented with several other physical and psychological factors too. The researchers have said that they will now be conducting the research much more thoroughly and will be including several other factors too in order to generate accurate statistics which may be helpful in reversing the problem.

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