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Pregnancy News Pain Relief & Risk Of Diabetes

PregnancyNature has created countless amazing phenomena that continue to dazzle us every day and when it comes to the field of medicine, there is nothing as phenomenal and amazing as pregnancy and childbirth. Understanding the process of human birth and observing its developments is something that everyone should do because as adults, all of us will at some point come into a situation related to this. Considering that, it is important to make sure that we know what’s what and then be prepared for every possible scenario. One of the ways you can do that is by keeping yourself abreast with the latest developments in the field of pregnancy and to help you with that, we are sharing some of the latest and most important news regarding pregnancy. Read on to find out more about it.

Pain relief when you want it

The most difficult part of pregnancy is obviously the delivery and it is important that this process go as smoothly as possible in order to ensure a healthy child birth. One of the things that are used to help women in this situation is epidurals and so far there was a strict guideline as to when a woman should be allowed to use it. However, in a recent study, this restriction has been effectively trumped as scientists show that there are no negative impacts of using epidurals when the pregnant women ask for it, even if it is outside the prescribed time-frame. The study showed that the use of epidurals was in no way prolonging labour meaningfully and that there was no negative impact whatsoever of using it. The scientists involved said that the best way of approaching this situation is to provide epidural to the pregnant woman when she asks for it because she knows the best about her situation, making it the right approach. This means that if you are pregnant and in pain, you should not shy out and ask for the epidural whenever you feel that you want it.

Tobacco smoking parents and risk of diabetes to the foetus

In a recent study conducted at the University of California Davis, researchers have found a direct link between tobacco smoking parents and an increased chance of diabetes in the foetus. The study looked into about 1800 daughters whose mothers had participated in the study which is part of an on going project of Public Health Institute. According to the findings, the children who were born to parents, particularly mothers who smoked tobacco were three times more at a risk of contracting diabetes in the later years of their life. There were several other studies conducted too in the same parameters and the results showed a greater chance of obesity and underweight birth too. In addition to that, the parents were also made to realise that not only are they risking the lives of their own children, they themselves could also end up having diabetes, even if they were lean and fit.

Lower levels of arsenic in breastfed babies

FeedingArsenic is one of the most dangerous elements to consume as it can lead to the development of very serious diseases like cancer and several gastrointestinal disorders. There are several other diseases too that can be caused from a high level of exposure to arsenic. According to a recent study, it has been found that the babies who are not fed breast milk by their mothers carry an amount of arsenic that is 7.5 times more than what is found in breastfed babies. Even in places where the mothers were drinking water with high arsenic content, the level of arsenic that the baby was being exposed to was much lower if it was being breastfed. The study was based on a research that included nine mothers whose ages were between 18 and 45 and thorough testing was done before the results were released. Not only were the arsenic levels so much lower in breastfed babies, the research also found that the babies who were not breastfed often showed immediate improvements in their arsenic levels when breastfed after a long time. It has been found that a major source of this arsenic is from the water that is derived from the wells. The researchers strongly urged that the households that used water from the well should get their water tested for arsenic to determine if it is safe to drink or not. But the one thing that is very clear is that using baby formula is really not the right thing to do at all.

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