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Making Hospital Digital & Longest Operations For Conjoined Babies

The field of medicine carries more importance than any other field of life and the reason for that is pretty simple. It is the fact that everything that is done in it is related to the sustenance of the human life and nothing carries more important than that. In that perspective, the most important part of the field of medicine is the place where it is practised and that is the hospitals. What goes on in our hospitals and what role they are playing in combating the many deadly diseases that are all around us, is a question that holds a lot of importance. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves well informed about the things related to hospitals and the purpose of that is to make sure that we benefit from them to the max. To help you out with keeping yourself well informed with regard to hospitals, we are sharing with you some of the most important news related to hospitals. Keep reading to find out more.

Making hospitals digital

MRI ScanThe use of technology in the field of medicine has had a tremendous amount of positive impacts and in recent times, there has been a new development that seems to be taking it to a whole new level. The Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto is breaking ground for a whole new institution that will be seeing much more technologically advanced environment than you would find in a traditional hospital. The focus of this new hospital is to provide patient-centred care to every individual that comes to this new hospital for treatment. The whole idea behind this is to use technology for creating an environment that is capable of performing integrated communication between the patient, the staff and the relatives of the patient. The introduction of digitised systems in areas that are related to quality assurance will mean a much more efficient and greener delivery of service. Patients will experience the maximum amount of comfort, privacy and security in this new institution and as a result, this hospital will be the first of its kind in all of northern America.

Texas hospital performs “marathon” operation to separate conjoined babies

One of the longest operations ever conducted of its kind, this operation has achieved the improbable in an impossible amount of time. The surgeons at the Texas Foetal Centre at the Children’s hospital were already preparing for the long upcoming procedure when they found out after multiple ultrasounds that the two babies were sharing a chest wall. Preparations were also made to ensure a safe delivery and soon after the birth, the two girls, Knatalye and Adeline were taken for the surgery. The surgeons worked with Knatalye for 23 hours and with Adeline for 26 hours before they were both declared safe. The separation happened after 18 hours had already passed. The two teams of surgeons who worked on the babies said that the babies also shared organs and due to that, there will be a need for further surgeries too after they have recovered fully. This is the first successful surgery of its kind and the parents of the girls were extremely thankful to all the staff involved in the surgery.

Patient regains sight after 10 years

Eye examination The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota achieved a whole new level in eye surgery when recently they operated a 68 year old man and gave him a bionic eye implant. The second implant that was placed into his right eye had an electronic chip with it too which together with the implant is capable of bypassing the damaged retina and send light wave signals to his optic nerve. The patient whose name is Mr. Allen Zderared started losing his sight about two decades ago due to retinitis, an incurable eye disease and by 2005 his sight was completely gone due to which he also had to stop working. After the implant, the scenes were quite emotional as the man started to see again after such a long time and hugged his wife who he recognized after all this time in blindness. The doctors also praised Mr. Allen as a very courageous and remarkable man who kept on going through all those years and dealt so bravely with his disability. The process of restoration is slow but steady and now Mr. Allen can make out shapes and recognise himself in the mirror. Seeing this amazing feat of medical science shows how far we have come and what we are capable of and it also opens doors for new possibilities in terms of medical research.

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