Privacy Policy

This document is to provide our users with all the necessary information that fully describes our privacy policy and declares all that is covered by it. The goal of presenting this document is to make sure that our users are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities and are at no point left in any position that would be ambiguous and leave them vulnerable in any way possible. The first part is the collection of personal data from our users and the term “personal data” covers information like your name, your address, your phone number, your location, your email address and any other information that may be considered private under any social terms. The purpose of collecting this information is strictly for gathering statistical data for improving user experience and informing them about any updates on the website’s content or privacy policy.


The use of our website automatically is consenting you with our privacy policy and no personal information about you will be extracted by unfair means. The provision of your personal data will be strictly by your own consent and the website will not use any unfair means of gathering it.

Anonymous data

In addition to personal data, the website also automatically collects anonymous data from each user and this contains information like page clicks, scrolling time and the amount of time spent on each individual page. The purpose of this data is to help improve the overall usage experience of the website to ensure that our users have a productive, useful and enjoyable experience while using our website.

External links

The privacy policy does not in any way cover any of the external links that you may find in the content provided on the website. Clicking on any external link automatically relieves you from the bounds of our privacy policy and we will not be held responsible for any breach of privacy that may be caused by visiting these links. However, the links that we provide have been properly vetted and are safe to visit. However, if you are to provide your personal information to an external website, we highly advise the use of caution and only provide your information if you agree completely with their privacy policy.

Underage users

The website does not intentionally gather any personal data from its underage users and if there is an underage child in your house who may have provided your personal data to the website then we strongly advise you to contact us immediately so that we can remove your information from our database.


We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of our website and for that we highly appreciate any positive feedback that you may provide us with regarding your experience on our website. We are always on the lookout for ways to make sure that our users get the most updated, accurate and well presented information and any feedback you provide will be valued greatly.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy then please feel free to contact us.